How did you start of breeding and producing cannabis seeds and why ?

ACE Seeds was born as a group of breeders and cannabis lovers dedicated to the preservation and study of landrace strains from all around the world. We started with this project in 2002, although we started to distribute seeds as an established seed company in 2004-2005. In 2015 we celebrated our 10th anniversary. At ACE Seeds we want to improve the lack of genetic diversity and stop the endogamic depression that cannabis strains are suffering for decades, by offering different and innovative genetics based on landrace preservation projects and on the development of new hybrids coming from these preservation studies with landraces.

Do you have any special cultivation tips for our readers?

We are organic growers so we always recommend growers to go organically with their gardens and flowers. Organic ganja is healthier, tastier and has a special natural vibe that in my opinion chemical weed cannot replicate.

Some indoor growers think that fast flowering indica hybrids of 8-9 weeks of flowering time are the best choice to achieve high yields indoors. They are afraid to try sativa strains with longer flowering times. They don't realize that sativa dominant hybrids may take 3-4 weeks more to mature, but they yield is 50-100 % higher than fast flowering indica hybrids. Sativa hybrids need lesser time of growing time to full up the indoor space, so at the end they really worth it. Outdoors sativa strains produce higher yields than indicas, and overall sativas have better mold resistance.

Sativa strains also provide uplifting and psychedelic effects that are hard to find in indica hybrids nowadays.

How do you think about the medical cannabis movement?

We have only barely scratched the surface of cannabis potential and what it can offer to the world. From the medical point of view, the benefits and uses of cannabinoids and terpenes haven't been thoroughly studied, and we are just starting to realize that they could be useful for treating many different diseases.

We will always support ill people to use their homegrown organic harvests if it helps to improve their health and quality of life. But first we must settle a standard to produce cannabis as a true medicine, like the medicines we can buy in a pharmacy. When we buy (for a example) a pack of aspirines, every pil has the same content, contains the same quantity of active substances. This doesn't happen with cannabis flowers. Cannabis flowers may contain many different cannabinoids and terpenes, the synergy between all these compounds produce the effects and possible medicinal uses of a concrete cannabis plant, so it is really difficult to settle a standard when there are so many variables to take in count.

The medical use of cannabis differs greatly depending on the genetics, even from seed to seed in the same strain. Right now rich THC and CBD strains are not enough true breeding and stable in seed form to produce a solid and constant medical product, only selected clones that have been tested for their cannabinoid and terpene profile and that have been proven useful for many ill people through serious medical and statistical tests can be considered as a medicine. I feel disappointed when some seedbanks cheat ill people saying they offer medical seeds, unfortunately we are still far to reach this point.

What kind of new developments are going on in your company?

We are always improving our classic strains every few years, we find better and new interesting parental plants with every new selection, we expand the family trees of each strain in both seed and clone form to keep the strain populations healthy in long term. We are constantly exploring new F1 hybrids between elite parental plants coming from our best different inbred and stable lines. We are starting to distribute 'Breeders Packs' through our website. In these 'Breeders Packs'

We are offering our best lines in seed form coming from our best parental plants, so all the growers and breeders who are interested can access the best and widest genetic diversity of our classic strains, and to use them in their own breeding projects. And of course, we are constantly exploring new landrace strains to preserve them for the future and to find new interesting genetic blocks to produce new strains. Right now we are finishing studies and reproductions with landrace sativa strains from Honduras, Oaxaca, Mauritius Islands and Ethiopia. All our main parental plants are being analyzed for cannabinoid and terpene content and ratios, and this scientific information is being shared through our website and through our media.

Whats your favorite strain?

I don't have a favorite, each strain is different and has its own personality, so each strain is suitable for different moments. To name a few, I'm very proud of the work we have done with Zamaldelica and Malawi in the past years. They are outstanding sativas with amazing vigor, yield and long lasting and psychedelic effects. They easily produce a THC content around 20-25 %.

Kali China is probably the best stable indica line we have ever released. It's a new 'hash plant' style of plant. It's fast flowering and compact like an indica, but it has a very refined mango incensey terpene profile, usually related to the best sativas, her effect is also very special. A plant of great personality. Violeta is also a very interesting indica dominant hybrid with great genetics from Chitral, Pakistan. It won recently the first prize in the outdoor category in Mallorca's cup, Spain.

How do you see the future of cannabis?

The future of cannabis is bright thanks to the new changes towards legalization happening all around the world. We hope the prohibition will be a shade of the past in a non distant future. Once cannabis is fully legalized, breeders will be able to do real breeding projects, like with anyother pla nt. Only then we will reach peaks that we could only dream of previously. In the future, cannabis will grow all around the world to produce new medicines, new ecological sources of energies, new ecological construction materials, etc.

People should be free to use cannabis for religious or recreational uses, but at the same time cannabis users should receive proper scientific and objective information in that regard to decide whether cannabis is suitable for them or not.

How can we follow you on social media?

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Anything else you want to share with us?

Wish you all have a great season full of healthy and inspiring flowers and great moments.

Dubi – ACE Seeds