Coffeeshop The Pink in Eindhoven is one of the most popular and renowned coffeeshops in the city. We went there to have a look ourselves and see whether or not they deserve their good name.

Coffeeshop The Pink: Our first impression

The first thing we noticed when entering the coffeeshop, is that it was very busy. There was enough room to sit, but there was quite a line waiting to order drinks and cannabis. After waiting in line for a few minutes, it was our turn. The personnel was very helpful and friendly, but they did seem like they were in a rush. Not that we were really expecting anything different (because it was very busy), but it’s always a nice when you can see and smell the different strains without 5 people waiting behind you.

The ambiance

After ordering the marijuana, we sat down to try it. I also ordered a cappuccino, which was very well made and not too expensive. The pink has some nice and comfortable couches, but the tables are not too great to roll and put your drinks on, as they’re a bit unstable. But overall, you can sit quite comfortably and the ambiance is always good in my experience.

Something else that is quite different in the pink, are the toilets. Not that they’re an important aspect of a coffeeshop in our opinion, but they look really nice and neat.

How’s the weed in Coffeeshop The Pink?

Now one of the most important aspects of the coffeeshop: the weed. We bought several strains there: OG Kush, Amnesia and some more. None of them looked bad, in fact, they all looked pretty dank. So after smoking an OG Kush joint (as a real sativa smoker) I have to say the weed was pretty good. Definitely not the best OG kush I’ve ever had, but nowhere near the worst either.

The Pink: conclusion

Overall, coffeeshop The Pink in Eindhoven is not overrated. It’s a good coffeeshop with friendly staff, good weed and it’s a nice place to relax. Although we still have to review the rest of the coffeeshops in Eindhoven, this one is definitely a good place to get high after a long and stressful day.