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Customer Service

To make sure that all of our customers are completely satisfied with their experience with Lighthouse, we take customer service very seriously. Whether you’re expecting one of our packages or you simply have a question about a product on our website; we strive to answer all of your questions as fast and sufficiently as possible.

Our customer service can be contacted in several different ways. Sending a message to our support team can be done very easily through the live chat system on our website, or simply by e-mail. If you prefer to actually talk to a member of our team, please feel free to call us on Skype Lighthouse.store or +31 242 030 026. Please keep in mind the Amsterdam time zone.

In order to make Lighthouse the best online seed company, we listen very carefully to the wishes and opinions of our customers and prospects. We believe that the only way to become successful is by making customer satisfaction one of the most important factors within our company.

24/7 Costumer Service

Our customer service can be contacted 24/7. All messages sent to our support team will be handled with care and answered as fast as we can.

Other questions

Messages addressed to our management team can be sent directly through the contact form below.