Dizzy Duck in The Hague is one of the most popular coffeeshops in the region. They are famous for their good weed and even have their own cannabis seeds line. Because we happened to be in The Hague and had never visited the Dizzy Duck before, we decided to give it a try.

Thanks to the good reputation we had high expectations of this shop. And if I'm completely honest, the appearance when we came in was a bit disappointing. It was quite dark, no beautiful decorations, in short not much that was really a pleasure for the eye. But that was not what we came for.

Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck: the weed

What was immediately noticeable is that there were beautiful varieties on the price list for relatively low prices. We had bought three types; Chocolope Skunkberry, Super Silver Haze and Kushberry. Promising names, and the Chocolope Skunkberry is a cup winner. This therefore cost 13 euros per gram.

The bags in which you get the weed can not be compared with most shops in Dutch. Instead of a simple transparent bag you get a dark bag with the Dizzy Duck (which in itself is not very special), but what really adds is that there is a sticker stuck on the bag with all kinds of information. This includes the name of the species, the batch number and a QR code. This at least gives the impression that Dizzy Duck knows what they are selling. +1

Because it was very busy we decided not to sit in the Dizzy Duck, so we tried the weed elsewhere. The quality was superb! Certainly the Chocolope Skunkberry and the Super Silver Haze were highly recommended. Very strong, the effect lasted a long time and the taste was excellent.

Dizzy Duck: conclusion

Because we could not really sit inside, the Dizzy Duck was a bit difficult for us to judge. The first impression in atmosphere was not super, but the shop did look proper and professional. But where the Dizzy Duck Coffeeshop may not be so great in terms of interior design, they certainly do well with their product. In just one word: top quality.