Coffeeshop Miami is one of the better rated coffeeshops in Rotterdam on Google. After having been in the Miami Coffeeshop a few times it was time to judge the coffeeshop.

Coffeeshop Miami: parking

The Miami is located in a fairly quiet neighborhood with good parking right in front of the door. You pay parking fees, but it is fairly cheap to park your car there for an hour. The coffeeshop itself is located on a corner, it is quite striking that there is a coffee shop because a large part of the people who are in the street also walk in at the Miami.

The atmosphere & decor

Once inside it is noticeable that the coffeeshop is not really special in terms of decor or appearance: there are a few standing tables, and on the "second floor" (it is not a real second floor, but if you have been inside you will understand why I call it that) are two or three tables and some chairs where you can quietly smoke a joint.

We have been to the Miami three times, of which it was very quiet twice and once a lot busier. The staff were not very friendly, but also not unfriendly. The boy behind the desk made an uninterested impression, but he was not rude. Maybe he was just very stoned?

Coffeeshop Miami: the weed

The weed in the Miami is one of the strengths of this coffee shop, perhaps the reason to go here. All three times we were there, they had the same weed. The quality was above average, the price reasonably low, so the price / quality ratio of the weed is very good here. The Silver Haze, Super Amnesia, Bubblegum and some other species that we tried tasted super, were very strong and looked beautiful. So nothing to complain about the weed at the Miami.

The biggest downside of this coffee shop (what we have experienced) was the toilet. It was dirty and smelly huge. If you go to the Miami, you might want to first go home to the toilet. Not that a toilet is really important for a coffee shop, but still.


In general, the Miami is definitely a good coffeeshop. Although we have not tried the consumptions and can not judge those, you can sit reasonably relaxed in the Miami and the weed is definitely worth the money.