No effort for the experienced stoner, but a major challenge for beginning stoners

What is the secret to rolling a proper joint? Why can’t I get it right? Although there are several things you should keep In mind, practice makes perfect when it comes to rolling a joint. Everyone rolls joints their own way, and after doing it again and again, even you will be able to roll a perfect joint. This page explains how to roll a joint very clearly and includes step by step instructions with pictures.

There are several ways of rolling a joint. The tutorial on this page is about the typical Dutch joint. Are you interested in a different kind of joint, then have a look at this page.

How To Roll A Joint


You need the following materials for rolling a joint: cannabis, filtertips, tobacco and king size rolling papers. All of those items, except for cannabis, are available at gas stations, 24/7 stores or at the supermarket. The first step of rolling a joint is rolling the filter tip. How this is done exactly, can be read on this page. After rolling and inserting your filter tip into your joint, you must grind up the cannabis. This can be done with your hands, but using a cannabis grinder is much faster and more effective. After the cannabis has been grinded, you mix it with tobacco. You can either use rolling tobacco or a cigarette. When using rolling tobacco, using a light variety is recommended to optimally enjoy the flavor and aroma of your cannabis.

When all the preparations are finished, you can start to actually roll your joint. Even though there are a few useful tricks and techniques to make rolling your joint easier, you are only going to learn these by practicing a lot. It’s important to make sure the mixture of tobacco and cannabis is properly mixed so the joint will burn well, but it also makes the rolling easier. You can also pull the back of the rolling paper upwards while holding the front to make the joint tighten itself. Still, the most important aspect of rolling a good joint is experience and practice. Keep trying and before you know it, you will be a professional joint roller like Snoop Dogg or Tommy Chong.

Joint Roller

Still not interested in learning how to roll a joint? You can always use a joint roller to roll the perfect joint for you.