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Welcome to Lighthouse Seeds! We’re a seed company from The Netherlands, founded with only one goal in mind: to provide growers around the world with the highest quality cannabis seeds, while supporting them as good as possible. That is why we are gaining popularity among stoners, enthusiasts and medicinal marijuana patients faster than we could’ve ever imagined. We ship free seeds with every order. Returning customers can benefit greatly from our Sesspoints system, which can be used for free seeds, free shipping, or other free gifts and discounts. Still not convinced? Place your first order today and see for yourself!

Lighthouse Seeds offers over 80 different brands of cannabis seeds. By staying in touch with other marijuana (seed) companies, we’re able to supply growers with an amazingly extensive collection of different varieties. Not only do we provide growers with seeds from well-known international companies such as Greenhouse Seeds, Dinafem Seeds, Loud Seeds, Humboldt Seed Organization or Sensi Seeds; we also try to offer seeds produced by smaller companies. As long as the quality is good enough to meet our standards, of course.

The Cannabis Cup Winners, some of the best genetics available worldwide, can be found on our website as well. Whereas the Lighthouse Seeds team is always trying to offer the best varieties in the world, offering the winning strains of different cannabis contests is something we feel obliged to do. Our Cup Winners assortment consists of the High Times Cannabis Cup, Spannabis Barcelona, Expogrow Irun, Cultiva Vienna, Cannafest Prague, and of course the winning strains elected by cannabis events in the USA and Canada. You can find an overview of all cannabis cup winners available at Lighthouse Seeds in the top navigation bar.

In addition to our amazingly extensive collection of high quality cannabis seeds developed by breeders and seed banks from all over the world, we are also engaged in producing our own line of cannabis genetics. Lighthouse Seeds represents quality, and we want to show this to the world by releasing some never seen before genetics mixed with legendary, old school THC bombs. More on this later. Sign up for our newsletter to keep yourself informed, You will be suprised about the new concept we are going to launch.

Sesspoints are our unique way of giving every single customer a little extra. Sesspoints can be redeemed to receive free seeds, free shipping or other valuable discounts and gifts. Want to know more about Sesspoints? Click the Sesspoints icon in the shopping cart bar below.

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00 Seeds
00 Cheese (00 Seeds)

00 Cheese Feminised Seeds

5 Seeds
00 Seeds
00 Kush (00 Seeds)

00 Kush Feminised Seeds

5 Seeds
Medical Seeds
1024 (Medical Seeds)

1024 Feminised Seeds


Price From: €27.00

Medical Seeds
2046 (Medical Seeds)

2046 Feminised Seeds


Price From: €30.00

DNA Genetics
24K Gold (DNA Genetics)

24K Gold Feminised Seeds


Price From: €45.00

BC Bud Depot
707 Headband Regular Seeds

707 Headband Regular Seeds

12 Seeds
Mandala Seeds
8 Miles High Regular (Mandala Seeds)

8 Miles High Regular Seeds

10 Seeds
DNA Genetics
91 Krypt Regular Seeds - Limited Collection

91 Krypt Regular Seeds - Limite...

6 Seeds
Sagarmatha Seeds
A-1 Haze (Sagarmatha Seeds)

A-1 Haze Feminised Seeds

5 Seeds
Barney's Farm Seeds
Acapulco Gold (Barney's Farm)

Acapulco Gold Feminised Seeds


Price From: €9.00

Mamiko Seeds
Accord (Mamiko Seeds)

Accord Feminised Seeds

6 Seeds
Ace Seeds
Ace Mix Feminised (Ace Seeds)

Ace Mix Feminised Seeds


Price From: €16.00

Ace Seeds
Ace Mix Regular (Ace Seeds)

ACE Mix Regular Seeds


Price From: €15.00

Paradise Seeds
Acid (Paradise Seeds)

Acid Feminised Seeds


Price From: €48.00

Dr Krippling Seeds
Afghan Cow (Dr Krippling Seeds)

Afghan Cow Feminised Seeds


Price From: €12.08

Items 1 to 15 of 2153 total
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