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7 Dwarfs Seedbank

7 Dwarfs Seedbank

The 7 Dwarfs Seedbank is one of the more extraordinary seedbanks around. With an assortment of only 7 strains named after mythical figures, this company is able to give every strain the attention and focus it needs to become a true champion. As Lighthouse Seeds, we are proud to offer you this small selection of great genetics. Order today and receive both free seeds and sesspoints!

“We believe in both quality and quantity, there is no point in one without the other. This focus on quality and yield make The 7 Dwarfs a perfect choice for the commercial cultivator and ideally suited to growers needing to make maximum use of a small space.

Our 7 all feminized strains share similar growth characteristics so can be cultivated simultaneously.  With a strain for everyday of the week our Massive Mix pack offers variety, offering one of each of our seven strains.  Maybe the sweet smell of Titan on a Tuesday takes your fancy or the mind numbing Cyclops calls out from the stash box on a Saturday.  Together The 7 Giant Dwarfs will satisfy the palate of the most discerning connoisseur. “

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