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CBD Botanic

CBD Botanic

Lighthouse Seeds is proud to offer you the complete collection of CBD Botanic cannabis seeds. CBD Botanic is a team of cannabis experts from Spain that produces some amazing and truly innovative cannabis varieties. Whereas most seed companies are trying to increase THC percentages as much as they can, CBD Botanic is doing something entirely different. By producing seeds that contain high levels of CBD and low levels of THC, these seed growers are aiming exclusively at patients and other users of medicinal marijuana.

Unlike other seedbanks, CBD Botanic focuses on a small collection of highly specialized cannabis seeds, instead of offering a wide range of mediocre products. Every single one of their strains has it’s unique characteristics, which makes them perfect for treating certain particular diseases and other health issues. By keeping the THC percentage low, medicinal users don’t need to really get high from their medicine. Instead, they can simply enjoy the medicinal advantages without feeling effects they don’t like.

Another advantage of high CBD and low THC levels is that the effect of those strains is very relaxing. Although some people tend to feel anxious or tense after smoking varieties that are high in THC, such as Amnesia Haze or other sativas, the ratio of THC 1:1 CBD present in most of their strains causes the user to feel much more relaxed, while the “high” induced by their strains also feels a lot less intense. Several researches have concluded that the 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC is very effective in treating numerous diseases. For more information about the CBD Botanic strains, have a look at their assortment below.

You can receive Sesspoints by ordering CBD Botanic genetics from Lighthouse Seeds. Sesspoints can be used to receive discounts or gifts. For more information about Sesspoints, make sure to check out this page. If you have any questions about CBD Botanic seeds or varieties from other seedbanks, feel free to ask our customer service. We’re happy to help!

CBD Botanic
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CBD Botanic
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