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Karma Genetics

Karma Genetics

Karma Genetics is a fairly new cannabis seeds breeder from the Netherlands. Focusing mainly on advanced and professional growers, the strains they have to offer are mostly very rewarding and consist of some legendary Dutch genetics such as the A5 Haze. At the moment, Karma Genetics produces solely regular cannabis seeds. Although this might not be very attractive to commercial growers or people who don’t have a lot of space in which to eliminate the male plants, regular seeds are perfect for crossbreeding or reproducing your own cannabis seeds!

The crossings found at Karma Genetics are truly unique; but probably the most interesting project is their ambition to create a stable seed version of the legendary A5 Haze clone. Make sure you pick up some of these genetics for your future grows; they’re worth it. 

Karma Genetics
Amnesia OG Regular (Karma Genetics)

Amnesia OG Regular Seeds

12 Seeds
Karma Genetics
Double Funk Ltd. Edition (Karma Genetics)

Double Funk Ltd. Edition Regula...

12 Seeds