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Loud Seeds

Loud Seeds

Loud Seeds is a seedbank that has won multiple Cannabis Cups and is known worldwide for producing some of the best California-style genetics. For over a decade, Loud Seeds has been making a name for itself in both Europe and the USA. If there’s one thing Loud Seeds focuses on, it’s quality. The entire seed assortment of Loud Seeds is available in our online store. Make sure you check out some of these incredible genetics.

Dementia is the result of a Nor Cal Blue Dream F1 crossed with a reverted Amnesia from Soma. “We wanted something amazing that represented both California and Amsterdam.” With a plant that resembles the structure of a Blue Dream with a hint of Amnesia, Loud Seeds achieved its goal and created one of the most amazing Amnesia crosses available.

One of the harder strains to grow, Headband is able to knock down the most advanced stoners within just a few draws. Although there are many Headband varieties around that are made of a Sour Diesel crossed with a reversed OG Kush, the original clone-only strain is now a legendary strain that is nowhere to be found. By crossing the original clone with a male Loud OG and selecting carefully, Loud Seeds managed to create a Headband almost identical to the original.

Made in a special collaboration between Loud Seeds and “Ganja Farmer” Marlon Asher, the Ganja Farmer OG is arguably the best OG Kush available worldwide. The best tasting OG Kush according to many cannabis connoisseurs, combined with great yields and a high percentage of both THC and CBD. This one is definitely a strain worth growing.

Besides Dementia, Headband and Ganja Farmer OG, Loud Seeds is home to other amazing varieties such as the pre 98 Bubba Kush, 8 Mile and Loud Dreams. You can find all Loud Seeds varieties below.

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