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Reeferman Seeds

Reeferman Seeds

Reeferman Genetics™ represents a World Best collection of heritage land race and modern medicinal cannabis seed genetics. Reeferman Genetics includes esteemed and accomplished master bud breeders from across the globe with over a century amongst them in collective years of selecting and breeding fine cannabis. Many of the strains accredited to members are multi-Cup winners, including the prestigious Cannabis Cup. Reeferman Genetics is no exception in this discerning membership; we’ve been active in breeding superior cannabis seeds for decades now with accolades.

Willie Nelson, as an example, is a favorite strain amongst cannabis connoisseurs, as well as being a Cannabis Cup winner. The exotic South East Asian heritage was thought to be lost forever-however, it is alive and well today as the back bone in a number of medicinal cannabis seed varieties offered by Reeferman Genetics.

Veteran tokers & growers, and those looking for forms of therapeutic cannabis simply not available anywhere else tell us they appreciate the effort. Diverse Cannabinoid profiles and Terpines have been well preserved and are awaiting discovery for those seeking resin profiles simply not attainable in strains found at your neighbourhood dispensary. Order Reeferman Genetics Seeds online safely, discreetly and easily from Lighthouse Seeds.

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