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Soma Seeds

Soma Seeds

Soma Seeds

Soma has become famous worldwide by creating some of the most high grade cannabis seeds available. Many of these varieties are well-known and very popular in Dutch coffeeshops, and are grown by many private growers who simply want to grow the best marijuana they can. The Amnesia Haze by Soma is recognized by many specialists around the world as the best. With a strong but complicated genetic makeup, an amazing flavor and a little bit of purple, this challenging strain is definitely worth growing.


Lavender is one of Soma’s most popular varieties and is definitely a special strain. Also sold in many Dutch coffeeshops and grown all over the world, this strain is here to stay. The intense purple color this strain produces gives the buds a very attractive look. Lavender is loved by many medicinal marijuana patients in Colorado and California. Not only does it taste and smell really good, it’s very effective as an appetite stimulant, sleep enhancer and as a medicine against high blood pressure. Giving one of Soma’s all-time favorite indica strains a try is definitely worth it.

NYC Diesel

Amsterdam? Amnesia. Spain? Critical. Britain? Cheese. New York? DIESEL! NYC Diesel is the most popular strain from Soma’s collection. This strain tastes and smells like ripe red grapefruit, which gives it a very soothing quality. Once you touch a bud of NYC Diesel, you can’t smell any other buds in your growroom or garden.


First prize High Times Cannabis Cup 2013 Amsterdam. Not unlike most other strains from Soma, the Somari has some exceptional medicinal qualities that give this smoke an extremely soothing feel. Somari is a three-way cross of NYCD x Kushadelic x Buddha’s Sister. Female Somari seeds can be found below on our website and are available in 3-, 5- and 10-packs.

If you’ve never grown any of Soma’s strains before, make sure you give them a try. The attention that’s given to every individual strain makes them very unique and well-balanced. All Soma Seeds can be found on this page. Order at Lighthouse Seeds today and receive sesspoints for a discount on your next order!

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