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Spliff Seeds

Spliff Seeds

Spliff Seeds is a Dutch cannabis seed bank that is known for its many different varieties. With a wide range of both regular and feminized cannabis seeds, Spliff Seeds is a well-known seedbank which provides many Dutch growers with the genetics they grow outdoors in the summer. Although Spliff Seeds initially supplied mostly the classic Dutch strains such as White Widow, Power Plant, Top 44, AK47, Bubblegum and Skunk, their company is now headed more towards the high quality alien crosses such as Moon Walker Kush and Purple Berry Kush.

Regular, Feminized and Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Spliff Seeds has 3 different product ranges; the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Line. Although you might be wondering what this means, it indicates the different classes of their products quite well. The Bronze and Silver line consist of regular cannabis varieties; whereas the bronze line holds seeds like Skunk no.1, Haze no.1, Royal Thai and Afghan, the Silver line consists of some more special varieties that are famous in the Netherlands for their high yields and good quality. This includes the Super Skunk, Top 44, White Widow, Bubblegun and more.

For many growers, the most interesting seeds can be found in Spliff Seeds’ so-called Gold Line. All of Spliff Seeds’ feminized cannabis seeds can be found in their Gold Line. With over 30 feminized varieties, this is very, very large assortment for any seedbank. The Gold Line also holds some amazing feminized autoflowering genetics.

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