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SubCool The Dank

SubCool The Dank

SubCool The Dank is the result of a small group of medical marijuana growers who became tired of the corporate greed that was becoming a bigger part of the cannabis industry. Nowadays, SubCool The Dank has become a popular name in the medicinal marijuana scene thanks to a wide range of high THC and high CBD seeds with unbelievable terpene profiles, which are responsible for some of the best tastes and aromatic blends we have ever experienced. All of this was made possible by the way TGA SubCool Genetics collects their genetics, using “open source breeding” as a method of collecting strains, information and data from thousands of cannabis cultivators.

Medicinal Marijuana Seeds

Whereas the TGASubCool The Dank was founded by medical cultivators, their assortment naturally contains more than just recreational marijuana seeds with high levels of THC. A selection of these seeds is specifically designed to treat certain diseases and disorders such as ADHD / ADD, pain, tremors, anxiety, stress, glaucoma, depression, nausea, headaches and arthritis. These seeds (Jesus OG, Kaboom, Space Bomb, Ripped Bubba and more) are widely praised by medical marijuana patients worldwide and hold a strong reputation. Order SubCool The Dank seeds online at Lighthouse Seeds and receive free seeds and Sesspoints with every order.

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