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The Real Seed Company

The Real Seed Company

The Real Seed Company is a group of collectors focused on traditional cannabis strains. Founded in 2007, The Real Seed Company specialises in heritage strains from Asia, the original homeland of cannabis.

All of our lines are fully authentic ganja, charas and hashish cultivars from the ancient heartlands of cannabis culture. With a wide range of varieties from high CBD potential genepools for medical users and breeders, and fine representives of renowned high THC ganja and charas lines from legendary regions like Kerala, Thailand and Mazar-i-Sharif, The Real Seed Company catalogue is already unparalleled - and it's growing all the time.

As the germination and cultivation of Cannabis sativa L without a license is illegal in most countries all of our seeds come in collectible protective packaging which is well suited to longterm storage through refrigeration, the best method to preserve this invaluable plant seed and maintain these ancient lines for a saner post-prohibition future.

The Real Seed Company
Kumaoni Regular Seeds

Kumaoni Regular Seeds


Price From: €14.94

The Real Seed Company
Nanda Devi Regular Seeds

Nanda Devi Regular Seeds


Price From: €11.49