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Feminized cannabis seeds are the perfect solution for growers who do not want to select and eliminate male plants, but do want to grow their favorite strain. Our collection of many astonishing genetics enables growers in the USA and around the world to grow the most famous and well-known strains of cannabis. In addition, Lighthouse Seeds can provide growers with some nearly extinct varieties that aren’t available in any other seedbank.

Feminized seeds are probably the best option for small-time private growers, as well as commercial growers or companies who want to grow marijuana without the risk of losing their bud to pollination and want to optimally make use of their grow room or outdoor growing location by not growing any male marijuana plants. Male marijuana plants do not produce any cannabis and will pollinate female plants, which makes them focus on growing seeds instead of fat buds. That is why male plants are often nothing but a burden to people who want to maximize their harvest and have no interest in harvesting seeds

Both clones and feminized seeds provide their grower with 100% female plants. So which is better? Feminized seeds and cannabis clones both have their own advantages. The main advantage of good clones is that they are all genetically identical. This means a very similar growth, height and structure. However, the problem with clones is that they must be obtained from an experienced grower who knows what he’s doing in order to benefit from these advantages. Poorly produced clones can even mess up your harvest completely. Clones can also be contaminated by pests, fungi or diseases, even before bringing them to your grow room.

There is no ‘perfect’ strain of cannabis. Or actually, there are many. Which strain is the perfect one for you entirely depends on your taste and the environment in which you’re growing the plants. Outdoor growers in colder and more humid environments are often advised to grow autoflowering varieties, so they can benefit optimally from an early summer and aren’t bothered by a cold and humid fall. Indoor growers or outdoor growers in a warm and dry climate have many, many different varieties to choose from which will surely satisfy their needs.

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00 Seeds
00 Cheese (00 Seeds)

00 Cheese Feminised Seeds

5 Seeds
00 Seeds
00 Kush (00 Seeds)

00 Kush Feminised Seeds

5 Seeds
Medical Seeds
1024 (Medical Seeds)

1024 Feminised Seeds


Price From: €27.00

Medical Seeds
2046 (Medical Seeds)

2046 Feminised Seeds


Price From: €30.00

DNA Genetics
24K Gold (DNA Genetics)

24K Gold Feminised Seeds


Price From: €45.00

Sagarmatha Seeds
A-1 Haze (Sagarmatha Seeds)

A-1 Haze Feminised Seeds

5 Seeds
Barney's Farm Seeds
Acapulco Gold (Barney's Farm)

Acapulco Gold Feminised Seeds


Price From: €9.00

Mamiko Seeds
Accord (Mamiko Seeds)

Accord Feminised Seeds

6 Seeds
Ace Seeds
Ace Mix Feminised (Ace Seeds)

Ace Mix Feminised Seeds


Price From: €16.00

Paradise Seeds
Acid (Paradise Seeds)

Acid Feminised Seeds


Price From: €48.00

Dr Krippling Seeds
Afghan Cow (Dr Krippling Seeds)

Afghan Cow Feminised Seeds


Price From: €12.08

Positronic Seeds
Afghan Express Auto (Positronics Seeds)

Afghan Express Auto Feminised S...


Price From: €34.50

World of Seeds
Afghan Kush Early Harvest (World of Seeds)

Afghan Kush Early Harvest Femin...


Price From: €17.00

World of Seeds
Afghan Kush (World of Seeds)

Afghan Kush Feminised Seeds


Price From: €39.00

World of Seeds
Afghan Kush Special (World of Seeds)

Afghan Kush Special Feminised S...


Price From: €28.50

Items 1 to 15 of 1359 total
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