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CBD oil provides an improved ability to relax, improves the quality of sleep, decreases your stress level, prevents certain cancers and even benefits for the health of your skin and heart.

CBD or cannabidiol is, besides THC, probably the most well-known active ingredient found in cannabis. Even though most people didn’t know much about this wonderful cannabinoid several decades ago, CBD makes for a very important part of today’s cannabis scene. This is mainly due to its many medical advantages. Cannabis is often thought to be no more than a very effective painkiller. In reality, as shown by many scientific and clinical studies, CBD can provide many advantages to patients suffering from chronic pain, many different forms of cancer, diabetes, alcoholism, glaucoma, arthritis, rheumatism, Parkinson, Alzheimer, epilepsy, MS and other neurological diseases.

CBD basically counteracts with the effects of THC. Whereas cannabis with high levels of CBD doesn’t leave the consumer feeling really ‘high’, it can be used as a very effective treatment for ADD, ADHD, inflammatory pains, fear, psychoses and patients suffering of spasms. Since there are almost no side effects like apathy and dreariness, the user can easily continue to carry out their daily tasks and routines.

An interesting aspect of medicinal marijuana are the different effects that appear when using higher or lower percentages of CBD and THC. When ingesting pure CBD without any THC, the user will enjoy the many medicinal advantages marijuana has to offer without feeling high. Cannabis containing a high percentage of THC and low levels of CBD has a strong, energetic and sometimes even psychedelic effect. Using cannabis with high levels of THC and CBD will result in a strong, but relaxing and clear high. This is because the THC is still present, while basically being ‘muffled’ by the CBD.

Our assortment of medicinal marijuana products consists mostly of CBD oil, cannabis salves and liquid vaporizer CBD. Whereas CBD and medicinal marijuana are going to play a big part in the medical future, we strive to always offer only the purest and highest quality CBD products, so that our customers never have to have any doubts about the quality of their medicine. Our products contain no more THC than legally allowed, so that consumers of our medicinal cannabis products will not get high, and even children can benefit from the many advantages our beloved plant has to offer. There have even been several different studies where CBD was successfully and effectively used to treat dogs, cats, mice and other animals.

Currently we are not offering products in this category however we are working hard to add these to our range.

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