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Our growshop helps you find all the equipment you need to set up your own grow. Naturally, what kind of equipment you need depends on your style of growing. An outdoor grow, for example, will be cheaper than growing indoors, as it doesn’t require as much equipment. The benefits of growing indoors are very clear: you can grow all year long, even in temperate and colder climates; the marijuana often contains higher levels of active ingredients such as THC and CBD, and you can easily control the climate in your growing room to give your plants exactly what they need.

Besides the regular growshop products, Lighthouse offers a wide range of modern and innovative products like the LightRail. The LightRail is a system which makes the grow lights move over your plants very slowly, to simulate the movement of the sun. Complete hydroponics and other growing systems can also be found in our growshop, which can almost entirely automate the growing process and turn the preparation of your grow into a piece of cake.

LED grow lights are one of Lighthouse’s specialties. Our assortment consists of the different KIND LED systems for both the vegetative and flowering period; LED protect, which is a product designed to protect plants from stress caused by colder temperatures, and many other products to ensure an optimal growing and flowering process when growing under LED lights. LED cannabis growing systems offer many advantages. An LED grow requires less electricity which makes it cheaper than a regular 600 watt HPS bulb, it makes the grow harder to detect as there’s less power being used as well as less heat being generated, and of course, they are much safer and better to the environment. All LED systems in our assortment are of outstanding quality and will perform excellent for both beginner and experienced growers.

Due to the high volume and weight of many growshop products, extra shipping costs may be charged when ordering these items. Because of the heavy weight, it’s also possible to collect the Grow Tool products at one of our pick-up points. You can contact us to make use of this free, additional service. We are always open for questions and are happy to help in any way we can!

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