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The popularity of vaporizers is growing extremely fast. The perfect alternative to smoking joints or waterpipes is an amazing, revolutionary invention which takes the usage of cannabis to a new era. A vaporizer is the ideal solution for all users, both medicinal and recreational, and are available in many different shapes and sizes. The large table top vaporizers for vaping at home and small battery powered portable vaporizers; there’s a vaporizer for everyone in our online vaporizer store!

A vaporizer is a device which allows the user to ‘vape’ their cannabis instead of smoking it. The vaporizer is turned on and filled with marijuana, after which the user can inhale the vapor and all of the active ingredients in their herb. This offers many advantages to the user. As the cannabis is not being burned, there will be almost no harmful substances like tar to poison your lungs. This doesn’t just make vaporizing much healthier than smoking marijuana; it also enables the user to hold the vapors in their lungs for a longer duration, so that the active ingredients can be ingested much more efficiently. The taste and aroma of your herb are also much cleaner and more intense than when being smoked. Even though the cannabis will last for much longer than when it’s smoked in a joint or a bong, the taste and effects will decrease after every hit.

The absence of harmful substances that are released when smoking marijuana makes vaporizers perfect for medicinal users. Even though medicinal marijuana users who cannot smoke the herb can always ingest edibles like spacecake, cookies or cannabis-induced pancakes, studies show that eating cannabis is less effective than inhaling it. Therefore, medicinal usage of a vaporizer is perfect, as vaporizing marijuana is even more efficient and effective than smoking.

Even though the vapor that is released when using a vaporizer can have a very strong and intense smell, it will not ruin your clothes, curtains or the interior of your vehicle. Running out of rolling papers or filter tips becomes a thing of the past. You will not be bothered with stinky ashtrays or a bong full of tar. After using a vaporizer, the only thing that will remain is a dry, odorless substance which can easily be thrown out.

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