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About Us

Lighthouse has its roots in the Netherlands. Formed by a team of cannabis specialists with years and years of experiance lighthouse its on its way to become one of the fastest growing cannabis related companies in the EU. Our goal is to keep our customers happy at all times. That means, fast shipping, approachable customer care and high quality products.

Thanks to the many contacts with breeders, the extensive network we have and simply people who love cannabis, we will offer you the high quality seeds and help when needed. By focusing on the global market while still adjusting to smaller, individual regions, Lighthouse was able to build a large and loyal customer base in many countries around the globe starting off in the EU from the Netherlands.

Every customer is different and that makes it so fun. How can we offer this customer the seeds he or she need? How can we build a long lasting relationship with our customers and how do we make and keep our customers happy? Our super motivated team is here for you. We try to offer a super transparent service and several loyalty programs and discounts. Our promise to you is: we will make you love us.

The perfect seed company is what Lighthouse strives to be. A++ customer service, fast and discreet shipping and above all: the highest quality cannabis seeds. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

At Lighthouse, we value the opinion of our customers more than any other seedbank. We are always trying to make sure we know what our customers want. Do you think there is something we could do better? or you just want to have a chat and say hello, let us know and feel free to contact us. We appreciate your feedback.

Enjoy shopping at Lighthouse.

Our Team

Who are these people?

Lighthouse Team-member Ybo

Ybo (42)

Ybo is our top dog. He created Lighthouse because he noticed a gap in the cannabis seeds industry. Coming from a commercial and hospitality background he noticed mainly the lack of customer care. Ybo entered this Niche market a while ago and is always looking to motivate his team to offer excellent customer service and is constantly looking to improve this together with the assortment. How can we do things better is the main question. When Ybo is not working on Lighthouse he is Mountain biking, looking for speed on the racetrack, catching some waves or spending quality time with his wife and 2 kids. For all your B2B related questions you can contact him directly. He is always open for partnerships. Favorite strain he likes to use is CBD Blue Shark from Barneys Farm. Not that heavy but great to relax and with a higher CBD rate.

Lighthouse Team-member Sebastiaan

Sebastiaan (27)

Sebastiaan is head of ICT. He is busy all day behind the screen. Most of the graphics and functionalities of Lighthouse are coming out of his hat. In the weekends he is performing as a DJ in local clubs for fun. Sebastiaan is a very approachable and creative guy and always willing to help. When you find some issues with the website just let him know. He might throw some points to you in your rewards account.

Lighthouse Team-member Luc

Luc (29)

Luc is head of content. Young but very talented guy with great ideas how to improve texts on the different websites we are running. Luc is a specialist in Cannabis and able to tell you everything about making hash oil to growing questions. Very happy to have him onboard and awesome addition tot he Lighthouse team. Luc is a super relaxed smart guy that goes with the flow.

Lighthouse Team-member Lisa

Lisa (32)

Lisa is head of customer care since we created Lighthouse. Why? Simple. Because she is always figuring out a way to keep our customers very very happy. Lisa is the type of girl that is always smiling and definitely has a good sense of humor. With Lisa in the house its always a party. Her tattoo says “Live, Laugh and Love”. She is building up her own fan base among our customers. Everybody loves her. Traveling and discovering other cultures is what she likes most. She visited most parts of the world.

Lighthouse Team-member Daja

Daja (37)

Daja is working on fulfillment. She takes care of packing all the orders and makes sure everything that belongs in the package is added to the package. When she has a good day she often throws some extras as a surprise. We call her the female Santa J. Oh, and did I mention she is smart but good looking at the same time? All guys fall for her and stumbling and mumbling when they first meet her, ha-ha. She does a very very good job in the warehouse. Favorite hobby is watching movies, eating Pizza after a good light up and kicking some ass in the gym.

Lighthouse Team-member Natalie

Natalie (34)

Natalie is organizing everything around the warehouse and makes sure we are not running out on packing materials and other materials used for shipping. She is also keeping track of our stock and does a great job. You don’t want to mess up her warehouse. Believe me, she and Daja will hunt you down forever. Lethal combination.

Lighthouse Team-member Ben

Ben (48)

Ben is our Cannabis Guru. We all know our share but Ben knows all. What strain to fight a disease, what strain makes you High AF, what strain is used most for commercial growing etc. He is busy with the assortment and is always looking for the best seeds around. Ben has no hobbies. Ben is chilling, relaxed and loves to relax on the couch when off duty. Basically smoking all day, every day. I learned a lot from Ben. Just take life as it comes, never stress out and stress others. Do the things you like or don’t do it. We call Ben our mental mentor. You want to talk about life? Call Ben.