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Autoflowering seeds have been available for a few decades. Although initially not many growers acknowledged the advantages of autoflowering seeds, they now make up a huge part of the worldwide cannabis scene. The first autoflowering strains produced low yields, and often the herb was of a mediocre quality. Nowadays, there are many autoflowering strains whose yields and quality are no less than “regular” strains and can even yield more than 200 grams per plant. The legalization of cannabis in the states of Colorado and Washington has made the autoflowering strains incredibly popular and has encouraged cannabis companies and private growers to start breeding sublime new autoflowering genetics. Our assortment consists of the best autoflowering strains from growers all around the world and is being expanded regularly.

Autoflowering seeds are a special kind of cannabis seeds. After germination, these seeds will grow two to five weeks and start flowering automatically. These seeds have been available for several years and are getting more popular every day. This is mainly because of the many advantages autoflowering seeds have to offer, especially in colder climates. Because these plants will produce buds even when exposed to more than 12 hours of sunlight a day, they can be given a huge amount of light during the flowering stage, which will result in bigger, denser buds. Because these plants can be flowered during the summer, they won’t have to deal with cold, humid nights, which prevents mold and diseases. Finally, these amazing seeds enable every grower to harvest two to three times a year!

This is genetically determined. Beside the well-known indica and sativa cannabis varieties, there are also different ruderalis varieties. Cannabis Ruderalis is a race of cannabis which originates from Russia and several countries in Eastern Europe. Marijuana harvested from a pure cannabis ruderalis plant does not taste very well, and the THC levels are no higher than a few percent. The yield of a pure ruderalis plant is also very low. The ruderalis does have a valuable attribute. Where regular cannabis strains start flowering when they receive no more than 12 hours of light a day, ruderalis strains start flowering automatically after two to five weeks, regardless of the hours of light. The autoflowering strains available in our online seedshop originate from crossbreeding a potent, regular indica or sativa with an autoflowering ruderalis. By breeding and selecting these seeds for many years, the quality of autoflowering strains has increased immensely, which results in the high-end autoflowering seeds we have for sale today.

Growing cannabis in a restricted space, or guerilla-style out in nature? Autoflowering strains are perfect for those situations, as they usually stay smaller than other strains while still producing a good, high-quality yield. Are you interested in growing autoflowering cannabis? Take a look at our collection of high grade premium autoflowering seeds and you will definitely find a strain that is perfect for you!

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Heavyweight Seeds
2 Fast 2 Vast Auto Graines féminisées

2 Fast 2 Vast Auto Graines fémi...

26,00 €

Price From: 26,00 €

710 Genetics
710 Diesel Auto (710 Genetics)

710 Diesel Auto Graines féminisées

18,39 €

Price From: 18,39 €

Positronic Seeds
Afghan Express Auto (Positronics Seeds)

Afghan Express Auto Graines fém...

7,00 €

Price From: 20,50 €

World of Seeds
Afghan Kush Ryder Auto (World of Seeds)

Afghan Kush Ryder Auto Graines ...

24,00 €

Price From: 24,00 €

Advanced Seeds
Afghan Skunk Auto (Advanced Seeds)

Afghan Skunk Auto Graines fémin...

7,00 €

Price From: 7,00 €

Sensi Seeds
Afghani #1 Auto (Sensi Seeds)

Afghani #1 Auto Graines féminisées

27,00 €

Price From: 27,00 €

Female Seeds
AK Auto (Female Seeds)

AK Auto Graines féminisées

18,00 €

Price From: 18,00 €

Grass-O-Matic Seeds
AK Auto (Grass-O-Matic Seeds)

AK Auto Graines féminisées

40,00 €

Price From: 25,00 €

BlimBurn Seeds
AK Automatic (BlimBurn Seeds)

AK Auto Graines féminisées

16,90 €

Price From: 16,90 €

Sumo Seeds
AK Full - Auto Graines féminisées

AK Full - Auto Graines féminisées

15,00 €
3 graines
Kalashnikov Seeds
AK Skunk Auto (Kalashnikov Seeds)

AK Skunk Auto Graines féminisées

21,00 €

Price From: 21,00 €

710 Genetics
AK-107 Auto (710 Genetics)

AK-107 Auto Graines féminisées

16,09 €

Price From: 16,09 €

Sagarmatha Seeds
AK-48 Auto (Sagarmatha Seeds)

AK-48 AUTO Graines féminisées

45,00 €
5 graines
Vision Seeds
AK-49 Auto (Vision Seeds)

AK-49 Auto Graines féminisées

17,50 €

Price From: 25,00 €

Victory Seeds
AK-77V Auto (Victory Seeds)

AK-77V Auto Graines féminisées

17,00 €

Price From: 17,00 €

Total des articles 1 à 15 de 608
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