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French Touch Seeds

French Touch Seeds

French Touch Seeds is a cannabis seedbank from France that focuses mainly on simplicity, the environment and the preservation of old varieties. Operating as a collective of breeders and enthusiasts, French Touch has been able to release some amazing cannabis genetics over the years. If you’ve never grown marijuana from France, then maybe now is the time to see what they’ve got. As part of their mission to be beneficial to the environment, all seeds are sold in an eco-friendly jute bag. Order French Touch Seeds online from Lighthouse Seeds and receive both free seeds and Sesspoints with every order!

5 article(s)
French Touch Seeds
Douce Nuit (French Touch Seeds)

Douce Nuit Graines féminisées

8,20 €

Price From: 8,20 €

French Touch Seeds
Guillotine Auto (French Touch Seeds)

Guillotine Auto Graines féminisées

6,40 €

Price From: 27,30 €

French Touch Seeds
Renaissance CBD (French Touch Seeds)

Renaissance CBD Graines féminisées

7,30 €

Price From: 20,00 €

French Touch Seeds
Renaissance CBD Regular (French Touch Seeds)

Renaissance CBD Graines régulières

26,36 €

Price From: 26,36 €

French Touch Seeds
Sativa des Rois (French Touch Seeds)

Sativa des Rois Graines féminisées

9,10 €

Price From: 135,45 €

5 article(s)