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  2. Butter Cup Graines régulières - 5
Butter Cup Graines régulières - 5

Butter Cup Graines régulières - 5

Subcool Seeds/TGA Genetics
49,69 €


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Butter Cup Regular Seeds - 5


Everything Badger has touched has come out DANK. Using his Cookies mom and his Gogi mon he has whipped up a new tasty treat. The resin literally stacks on top of itself. Super smooth and very potent and big ass tall plants with towering buds! Nice musty grape smell combines with lots of exotic smells and terpenes.

The taste is the first thing you notice but the visual expression is what excited me most. A nice mix of purple and greens from seed but the tall exotic purple pheno was the standout. Hints of peanut butter and chocolate mix with the OG and form a complex “hash taste”.

Informations supplémentaires

Marque Subcool Seeds/TGA Genetics
Sexe Régulier
Quantité de graines 5 graines
Genetics Cookies x Goji
Effet Créatif, Motivant, Stimulant
Environnement Grandit à l'intérieur
Variété Principalement Sativa
Flowering type Photoperiod
Max. Flowering Time 9 - 10 weeks
Rendement High
Hauteur de la plante Unknown
CBD Content Unknown
Teneur en THC Unknown

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