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Grow Lights

Grow Lights

In our grow lights assortiment you can find high quality grow lights from brands like KIND LED, Prima Klima, Spectrum King and Led Flower. Growing cannabis inside has a lot of benefits: you can grow year in year out, nobody smells or sees it (when having a good setup), the cannabis is much stronger, you can manage to get the ideal climate for your plants and led grow lights produce much less warmth production.

Depends on the footprint. In the description at most lights we added their footprint dimensions. Look how many pots can fit in the desired footprint. Make sure to keep a little bit of space between the pots. Still unclear? Please contact us for more information. We're ready to help.

LED grow lights use only about half of the electricity that HPS lights do, and produce much better results per Watt. Many studies even proove shorter inter-nodal spacing and denser fruits and flowers. Because LED grow lights produce less heat, they don't have to be air cooled and there is no extra ventilation or air extraction needed. Growers using LED growlights will be able to simplefy their growrooms, save energy, keep their rooms cooler, and most importantly: increase the the quality and volume of their fruits and flowers!

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California Lightworks
SolarSystem 275 LED Growlight

SolarSystem 275 LED growlight

549,00 €
California Lightworks
SolarSystem 275 VEG growlight

SolarSystem 275 VEG LED growlight

549,00 €
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