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  2. Yopo (Anadenanthera peregrina) seeds
Yopo (Anadenanthera peregrina) seeds

Yopo (Anadenanthera peregrina) seeds

Seeds of the Gods
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This package contains 5 grams of Yopo (Anadenanthera peregrina) seeds.


Yopo (Anadenanthera peregrina) is used to make a snuff called Cohoba, which has been used in a ritual context in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. It generates a powerful visionary experience.


  • Use 1 to 4 seeds per person
  • Heat the seeds on low heat until they pop
  • Separate the outer seed from the inner seed
  • Discard the outer seed shell
  • Heat the remaining inner seed on a low flame
  • Stop heating when it gets hard and crunchy
  • Crush the seed (use a coffee grinder, mortar and pestle, etc.)
  • Mix the following: 2 parts seed, 1 part lime or shell, and 1 part baking soda
  • Add a few drops of water to form a paste
  • Mix well and heat on a low flame until the material is dry
  • Crush dry material into a fine powder (use a coffee grinder, mortar and pestle, etc.)

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