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G-Kit 400 Combi grow box

G-Kit 400 Combi grow box


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The G-kit 400 combi grow box gives you complete autonomy.


G-kit 400 combi grow box, 3 in 1, Plug & Play

compartment 1 for mother plants: Starlight reflector met 2 x Philips PL-L 865 -55W,4000K
compartment 2 for propagation: 2 x 18W neon lights
compartment 3 for flowering: 400W Sunmaster Dual Spectrum in cool tube reflector

fan:G-Tools 2 speed 220-360m3 per hour
filter:Prima Klima K2601 360m3
timer: 2 x G-tools timer box with clock and relay.
transformer:EuroGear Pro 400W
including propagator
Warranty:1 year on all technical components

The cabinet has 3 different compartments with each its own lighting system and timer. The mother plant compartment is connected by a system of tubes to the flowering compartment (nr.3) . The air is drawn through these tubes into compartment 3 where the extractor fan is mounted. The fresh air is drawn in to compartment 1 through an air vent connecting compartment 1 with compartment 2. The fresh air for compartment 2 is drawn in from outside the cabinet. This way the air in compartment 1,2 and 3 is continously being refreshed without light shining from one compartment in to another.

1. Compartment 1 (h x w x d):120 x 78 x 35. This is where you grow the mother plant. The mother plant is the genetic source of this indoor garden. You want the best circumstances for it. Compartment 1 is illuminated by a Prima Klima Starlight armature with 2 x 55 Watt PL lights, ideal for the vegetative stage of plants.

2. Compartment 2 (h x w x d): 48 x 78 x 35. Here you root the clones cut from the motherplant in compartment 1. It's illuminated by 2 x TL 18 Watt. To create the perfect climate for the clones the cabinet comes with a propagator. Temperature and humidity can be controlled better inside the propagator so your clones will root faster and have an even healthier start of life.

3. Compartment 3 (h x w x d)176 x 78 x 78. Here the rooted clones can grow and flower. This compartment is illuminated by a Sylvania Gro lux 400 Watt HPS lamp in a cooltube armature.
The cooltube can be hung almost between the plants without burning them. This allows you to grow bigger plants.
A powerful G-tools 2-speed ventilator removes the heat from the flowering compartment. The ventilator is connected to the cooltube and the cooltube to a carbon filter. The hot air is drawn away directly around the bulb and blown out clean and filtered through the cabinets ceiling.

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