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Grow cabinet G-kit 1200 Wing (2 m2)

Grow cabinet G-kit 1200 Wing (2 m2)


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Grow cabinet 1200 Wing, for the extremely demanding home grower. Growing your own plants and herbs at home was never that easy. The G-kit 1200 Wing is a high quality grow box. We promise years of safe and productive growing. The cabinet is equiped with high end components.


Premium grow cabinet: sturdy and productive

Size (h x w x d): 191 x 174 x 118 cm
space for 40 x 6,5 ltr pots, 28 x 11 ltr pots or 10 x rock wool slab 1mtr.
Power: 1200W
Fan1: G-Tools 125 2 speed fan - 230/360M3 per hour, including silencer.
Fan2: G-Tools 420 m3 per hour fan with temperature setting and speed controller,including silencer.
Filter: 2 x Prima Klima K2601 360m3
Ballast: 2 x Lucilux 600 Watt electronic ballast with dim function
Lamp: 2 x 600W Sunmaster Dual Spectrum with Adjust-A-Wings reflector, large model, inc. heat spreaders.
Timer: G-Tools timer box including relay and clock.
Bonus: Wheels
Warranty: 1 full year on all technical components

Full options grow cabinet 1200 Wing

Lucilux electronic ballast with dim-function

Grow cabinet 1200 Wing comes with an electronic Lucilux ballast with dim function. It allows you to change light intensity with one and the same 2x 600 Watt lamp. With a simple switch  you can range power consumption of your lamps between 250, 400, 600 and 660 Watt. This way you can intensify the light as the plants grow bigger. In the final stage you can even boost the intensity to 660 Watt. The dim function also allows you to dim the light during hot summer weather.
Like all electronic ballasts, the Lucilux is light weight and produces little heat.

Adjust a Wings

G-Kit 1200 Wing with original large Adjust-A-Wings reflector. The original Adjust a wings Avenger reflector spreads the light evenly over the cabinet's 2 m2 grow surface. Form and material of the reflector make it possible to light larger surfaces without any loss of efficiency. Two supplied "heat spreaders" which can be clicked directly under the lamps allow you to hang the reflector as close as 20 cm above the canopy to further enlarge the efficiency of the lamp. Save on your energy spendings and get the most out of your light. Super yields guaranteed.

G-Tools 125 ventilators

The 1200 Wing cabinet has two build in 125 mm tube ventilators. A G-tools 125 2 speed fan and a G-tools 125 fan with thermostat which will run faster as the cabinet gets warmer. Both are connected to PK carbon filter that filter the air before it’s blown out odorless through the ceiling of the cabinet.The cabinet doesn’t need to be connected to any ducting. The PK K2601 carbon filters have a life expectancy of 1 year and are easy to replace.

Soil or hydroponics

This Grow cabinet 1200 Wing has a solution for any desire; whether you want to grow on soil in pots or hydroponicly. In our web shop you will find different irrigation systems available for all models grow cabinets. Very useful when you’re away from home for a longer period of time or when you want to work with a hydroponic system. But of course you can also just place pots with soil on the water resistant bottom and water your plants by hand. Freedom of choice.

Fits in any interior

The grow cabinet 1200 Wing can be build up and dismantled within an hour. The inconspicuous design as well as the silencer and the Prima Klima odor filter gurantee careless use in any place. The body of the cabinet is an indestructable construction of aluminium profiles, plastic insert connectors and 8 mm PVC panels.
All Wing cabinets are equiped with wheels.

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