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Sativa Hemp Baseball Cap - Black Sativa Hemp Baseball Cap - Grey Sativa Hemp Baseball Cap - Khaki Green House Africa Expedition Zip Up Hoody – Brown Green House Logo Design Hoody – Grey The Doctor Design Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Black Green House Great White Shark Design - Black - XXL STRAIN HUNTERS SEED BANK Logo Design T-Shirt - White Green House Strain Hunters T-Shirt - Navy Blue Green House Great White Shark Design - Black - XXXL Hemp Shoulder Buckle Bag - Ice Hemp Wallet With Security Chain - Grey Hemp Laptop Case with Handle Hemp Laptop Case with Handle - Grey Hemp Laptop Case with Handle - Khaki Hemp Laptop Case with Handle - Ice WWF Big Cats Hemp Shopper Denim Hemp Smart Shoulder Bag Denim Hemp Shoulder Bag Green House Africa Expedition Hoody Brown Stealth shipping keep packaging Buckle Front Hemp Rucksack - Brown Hemp Wallet - Ice Dictators White Hemp T-shirt Fybe Circus Heather Blue T-shirt Love God Hate Religion Black T-shirt King David Heather Khaki T-shirt Vultures Red T-shirt Too Heavy to Carry Yellow T-shirt THTC Leaf Logo White T-shirt growAIRSTREAM 1.0 (100x100cm) growAIRSTREAM 1.2 (120x120cm) growAIRSTREAM 0.8 (80x80cm) growSYSTEM aeroponic 0.8 growSYSTEM aeroponic 1.0 growSYSTEM aeroponic 1.2 growSYSTEM Air-Pot 0.8 growSYSTEM Air-Pot 1.0 growSYSTEM Air-Pot 1.2 AutoPot 4Pot XL system AutoPot 6Pot XL system AutoPot 1Pot extension 15L AutoPot 1Pot XL extension 25L AutoPot 4Pot system AutoPot 6Pot system AutoPot AirDome 1 piece AutoPot Airdome 5 pieces AutoPot Air Pump Quad Outlet Water Store Soil Additive Alien RDWC PRO 4 Pot Alien DWC PRO Bubbler 55 Liter Alien RDWC PRO 4 Pot XL Alien RDWC PRO 6 Pot Alien RDWC PRO 6 Pot XL Alien RDWC 4 Pot Alien RDWC 6 Pot Alien RDWC 4 Pot XL Alien RDWC 6 Pot XL GrowMax Eco Grow (240 L/H) GrowMax Garden Grow (480 L/H) GrowMax Super Grow (800 L/H) GrowMax Pro Grow (2000 L/H) Maxquarium 000ppm Reverse Osmosis Filter Mega Grow 1000 Reverse Osmosis Filter Growmax 3000 Reverse Osmosis Filter Power Grow 500 Reverse Osmosis Filter LightRail 4.0 AdjustaDrive Kit (Light Mover) LightRail Extra rail LightRail IntelliDrive Motor Only LightRail Add-A-Lamp Kit (Extra lamp) LightRail Drive Wheel Kit LightRail Trolley Kit Gorilla Lite Line extension Kit 60x120cm Gorilla Lite Line Extension Kit 61x76cm Gorilla Lite Line Extension Kit 120x120cm Gorilla Lite Line Extension Kit 122x244cm Gorilla Lite Line Extension Kit 244x244cm Garden Highpro ProHanger XL 48kg Method Seven LED protection glasses Smart Pot #1 (3.8 liter) Smart Pot #2 (7.6 liter) Smart Pot #3 (11.6 liter) Smart Pot #4 (15.1 liter) Smart Pot #5 (19.3 liter) Seesogreen Basic&Root Stimulator (500gr) Seesogreen Basic&Bloom Stimulator (500gr) Seesogreen Bloom&Booster (500gr) Method Seven HPS protection glasses Method Seven LED clip-on Aviator Method Seven LED clip-on Classic Flow & Grow 50 (aero) 55x43 cm Flow & Grow 60 (aero) 61x43 cm Flow & Grow 90 (aero) 79x89 cm Flow & Grow 120 (aero) 112x105 cm Flow & Grow 150 (aero) 145x133 cm Flow & Grow W400 (aero) 112x61 cm Flow & Grow W600 (aero) 133x61 cm Flow & Grow W1200 (aero) 133x105 cm KIND LED K3 L600 VEGETATOR Optomiser
Linzen Chinese leek Rocket Alfalfa Red Clover Garden cress Broccoli Red cabbage Speckled pea Mustard Fenugreek Danish tray G-Cloner Grow tray G-Cloner Azerwing large Pot square 3,5 liter Round pot 6,5 liter Round pot 11 liter Lux Light Plant FX 600W, 400V Lux Light Plant FX 600W 230V G-cloner mini Grow tray 250 Bonanza Azerwing medium Cellulose grow mat 51x31 Cellulose grow mat 13x12 Grow container 51x31 Grow container 13x12 Secret Jardin T-Neon 2700K MR V 480 LED grow light 260 Watt MR V 360 LED grow light 190 Watt MR V 240 LED grow light 140 Watt Flow and grow 250 Bonanza MR III 144 LED grow light 110 Watt China Rose Alfa Rucola Sun flower Sango Green pea Radish Purple radish Wheat grass Bonanza MR III Black (0,35m2) Bonanza X-Max Black (1m2) Bonanza X-Max Wood (1m2) Bonanza MR III Wood (0,35m2) X-Max8 V2 LED grow light 700 watt X-Max6 V2 LED grow light 550 Watt X-Max4 V2 LED grow light 350 Watt Spectrabox Pro-IV 180W LED Grow Light No Mercy Bloom Sensation Centre drill with hole cutter Planter betonplex 67x130x67 with wheels Planter betonplex 67 x 130 x 67 Planter betonplex 57x67x67 Planter stainless steel 46 x 110 x 40 with wheels Planter stainless steel 46x110x40 Planter stainless steel with wheels 96x50x50 Planter stainless steel 71x100x50 with wheels Planter stainless steel 71x100x50 Planter betonplex 57x67x67 Planter Corten steel 71x100x50 with wheels Planter Corten steel 71x100x50 Planter Corten steel 46x110x40 with wheels Planter Corten steel 46x110x40 Planter Corten steel 96x50x50 Planter Corten steel 96x50x50 Planter Stainless steel 96x50x50 Planter black steel 71x100x50 Planter black steel 71x100x50 Planter black steel 46x110x40 including wheels Planter black steel 46x110x40 Planter black steel 96x50x50 with wheels Planter black steel 96x50x50 E.T.I. 250 watt ballast Grow tray 600 Bonanza Grow tray 800 Wing Grow tray 600 Wing Grow tray 1200 Wing Water tank with lid 30 liter Water tank 65 liter TBT digital timer Aquaking feed pump HX 2500 Airstone Thermo/hygrometer Legrand omnirex timer Flow and grow 1200 Wing Flow and grow 600 Bonanza Flow and grow 600 Wing Starlight reflector 4 x 55W G-tools timer box Blue Line 250/250 Double fluorescent-lamp holder, 2x58W Double fluorescent-lamp holder, 2x36W Double fluorescent-lamp holder, 2x18W Fluorescent-lamp holder, 58W Fluorescent-lamp holder, 36W Fluorescent-lamp holder, 18W Grow table 800 Wing Grow table 1200 Wing Grow table 600 Wing Grow table 400 Wing/600 Bonanza
Danish tray 800 Wing Connection piece 203 Flange 203 Air duct sono 203 Air duct combi 203 plywood planters corten steel planters black steel planters Azerwing medium budget Lucilu dimmable e-ballast 600 Watt Uniteck 5 step voltage fan controller 5 x Guanokalong soil Milwaukee MW100 pH Meter (0.1 pH resolution) Milwaukee EC60 waterproof EC / TDS / Temp Meter Milwaukee MW302 EC Meter Milwaukee SE600 Probe for MW802 / MW802 Milwaukee MW802 pH / Conductivity / TDS Meter Milwaukee SE220 pH probe for MW302 Milwaukee Mi56p probe for pH55 Milwaukee pH55 pH tester Milwaukee Mi59p Probe for EC60 Milwuakee EC 1413 uS/cm Conductivity Calibration Solution Milwuakee Calibration solution PH 7,01 Milwaukee CD610 TDS Tester Milwaukee pH600 pH Tester Milwuakee Calibration solution PH 4,01 Microscope for iPhone 4 Fire extinguisher 1kg MABO fire extinguisher Transition piece 160mm/150mm Transition piece, 125mm/100mm Flange 160 Flange 125 Connection piece 160 Connection piece 125 Air duct sono 160 Air duct sono 125 Air duct combi 160 Air duct combi 125 G-tools air inlet No Mercy High Quality Potting Soil 40l Guanokalong soil 45l Rooting cube (40x40x40mm) Starter cube small plug (75x75x75mm) Starter cube large plug (75x75x75mm) Grodan Rock wool slab 1,3 mtr. Grodan Rock wool slab 1 mtr. No Mercy Co2 Grow booster 60 tabs No Mercy Grow Sensation Grow booster 1l No Mercy Sweet Jane 2, 10 liter No Mercy Sweet Jane 2, 1 liter No Mercy Sweet Jane 1 10l No Mercy Sweet Jane 1 1l Sunmaster dual spectrum 600W E40 Sunmaster Dual Spectrum 400W E40 Sunmaster dual spectrum 250W E40 Philips MASTER GreenPower 600W E40 Philips MASTER GreenPower 400W E40 Sylvania SA SHP-TS 600W GROLUX E40 SLV Sylvania SA SHP-TS 400W GROLUX E40 SLV Sylvania SA SHP-TS 250W GROLUX E40 SLV Philips MASTER SON-T PIA Plus 600W Philips MASTER SON-T PIA Plus 400W Lucilu e-ballast 600 Watt Lucilu e-ballast 400 Watt Lucilu e-ballast 250 Watt EuroGear Pro 600W ballast EuroGear Pro 400W ballast Adjust-a-wings spreader Large Adjust-a-wings spreader medium Adjust-a-wings fitting Starlight reflector 2 x 55W Powerlux reflector Cool Tube - Air cooled reflector Adjust-a-wings Avenger 2 large Adjust-a-wings Avenger large Adjust-a-wings Avenger medium G-tools digital fan controller 10A G-tools fan controller 2 x 300W Winflex Axial Flow Fan Extractor fan 2 speed G-tools 160 Extractor fan temperature controlled-G-tools 160 Extractor fan 2 speed G-Tools 125 Extractor fan with fancontroller-G-tools 125 S&P TD Silent 350/125 S&P TD Silent 800/200 Hortiline Clipfan Danish tray 200 x 100 Danish tray 110 x 100 Danish tray 1200 Wing Danish tray 600 Wing Danish tray 600 Bonanza Pot 11 liter Pot 6,5 liter Root Pouch Charcoal 3,8 ltr Root Pouch Charcoal 16 ltr Root Pouch Charcoal 8 ltr Root Pouch Charcoal 12 ltr Aquaking foldaway watertank 100 liter Aquaking foldaway watertank 225 liter