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Water tank 47 liter Grow table 2 x 1 Grow table 1 x 1 G-cloner Clone Cabinet Carrot oil - 100 caps Ginseng & Multivitamin - 100 caps Wheat germ oil - 100 caps Vitamin B - 100 caps Hemp oil - 40 caps 5-HTP - 40 caps L-tryptophan - 40 caps Hop & Valerian oil - 100 caps Peyote (Lophophora Williamsii) seeds San Pedro (Trichocereus Peruvianus) seeds San Pedro (Trichocereus bridgesii) seeds San Pedro (Trichocereus Pachanoi) seeds OG Kush CBD Feminised Chronic Haze Feminised Mazar Kush Feminised New York 47 Feminised Skunk 47 Feminised Star 47 Feminised Yumbolt 47 Feminised Neville Haze Auto Feminised AK-49 Feminised Amnesia Feminised Big Bud Feminised Blue Power Feminised Cheese Feminised Choco Bud Feminised Critical Impact Feminised Crystal Queen Feminised Jack Herer Feminised La Blanca Gold Feminised Northern Lights Feminised NY Diesel Feminised Russian Snow Feminised Silver Haze Feminised Super Skunk Feminised White Widow Feminised AK-49 AUTO Feminised Amnesia Haze AUTO Feminised Blueberry Bliss AUTO Feminised Delhi Cheese AUTO Feminised Lowryder AUTO Feminised Northern Lights AUTO Feminised Super Skunk AUTO Feminised White Widow AUTO Feminised Bona Dea CDB+ Feminised Medical 49 CBD+ Feminised AK-77V (former AK-47V) Feminised Amnesium (former Amnesia) Feminised Amnesia Haze Feminised AUTO AK-77V (former AUTO AK-47V) Feminised AUTO Amnesium (former AUTO Amnesia) Feminised AUTO Amnesia Haze Feminised AUTO Big Angel Feminised AUTO Biggest Bud (former AUTO Big Bud) Feminised AUTO Blow Dream (former AUTO Black Dream) Feminised AUTO Bubblegum + PRO (former AUTO Bubblegum +) Feminised Biggest Bud Feminised Blow Dream Feminised Bubblegum + Pro Feminised Caramelino Feminised Chocodope Feminised Chronic Monster XXL Feminised Critical Feminised Green Wild Shark Feminised Jack Hammer Feminised NHL Diesel Feminised Northern Light Feminised OG Kush Feminised Original Berry Feminised Original Limonade Skunk Feminised Parmesan Feminised Red Russian XXL Feminised Seemango Feminised Super Extra Skunk Feminised Super Mazar Feminised Ultra Power Plant Feminised White Widow Feminised AUTO Caramelino Feminised AUTO Chocodope Feminised AUTO Chronic Monster XXL Feminised AUTO Critical Feminised AUTO Green Wild Shark Feminised AUTO Heaven Feminised AUTO Jack Hammer Feminised AUTO NHL Diesel Feminised AUTO Northern Light Feminised AUTO OG Kush Feminised AUTO Original Berry Feminised AUTO Original Limonade Skunk Feminised AUTO Parmesan Feminised AUTO Red Russian XXL Feminised AUTO Seemango Feminised AUTO Super Extra Skunk Feminised AUTO Super Mazar Feminised AUTO Ultra Power Plant Feminised AUTO White Widow Feminised
Smooth Smoke Feminised Red Afro Feminised Dandy Dance CBD Feminised Heaven's Gate CBD Feminised Bisho Purple Feminised Durbakistan Feminised Afrokush Feminised Smooth Smoke Regular Durban Punch Regular Old Congo Regular Ciskei Regular Zambian Regular Big AUTO Tao Regular Blueberry Crystal Regular CBD Haze AUTO Regular Demon AUTO Tao Regular Dr. Tao Sativa Regular Early Sativa Regular Early Top Tao Regular Golden Cannary AUTO Regular Haze AUTO Tao Regular Micron AUTO Tao Regular Mix AUTO Regular Outdoor Mix Classic Regular Sativa Mix Regular Sativa Samadhi Regular Semi AUTO Mix Regular Super AUTO Tao Regular Tao Blueberry AUTO Regular Tao Mix 1 AUTO Regular Tao Mix 2 AUTO Regular Tao Purple Regular TaoMatic AUTO Regular Top Tao Mix 2 Regular Fast Ryder 1 Feminised Fast Ryder 2 Feminised Auto Haze Feminised The Bulldog Skunk Original Afghan Regular White Widow Regular Space Candy Regular Go Time Regular Chicle aka BubbleDawg Feminised M.O.B Feminised S.A.G.E. CBD Feminised LA S.A.G.E. CBD Feminised Auto Blow Mind Feminised Big Devil Auto Feminised Crystal Candy Feminised Crystal Candy Auto Feminised San Fernando Lemon Kush Feminised Indigo Berry Kush Feminised S.A.D. CBD Feminised Sweet Nurse Auto CBD Feminised AK47 x SCBDX Feminised Amnesia Haze x SCBDX Feminised Bama Yao x SCBDX Feminised Black Critical x SCBDX Feminised Black Kush x SCBDX Feminised Blue Cheese x SCBDX Feminised Blueberry Headband x SCBDX Feminised Cheese x SCBDX Feminised Critical Mass x SCBDX Feminised Diesel x SCBDX Feminised Emerald Jack x SCBDX Feminised Grapefruit x SCBDX Feminised Jack Flash x SCBDX Feminised Jack Herer x SCBDX Feminised Lemon Haze x SCBDX Feminised Lost Coast x SCBDX Feminised New York City Diesel x SCBDX Feminised OG Kush x SCBDX Feminised Queen Mother x SCBDX Feminised Royal Purple Kush x SCBDX Feminised Sage 'n' Sour x SCBDX Feminised San Francisco OG x SCBDX Feminised Skunk #1 x SCBDX Feminised Somango x SCBDX Feminised Sour Diesel x SCBDX Feminised Super Silver Haze x SCBDX Feminised Sweet Cheese x SCBDX Feminised Sweet Tooth x SCBDX Feminised White Widow x SCBDX Feminised Matanuska Thunderfuck x SCBDX Feminised Purple Bud Feminised White Skunk Feminised Skunk #1 Feminised Master Kush Feminised Super Skunk Feminised X-Haze Feminised White Diesel Feminised Pure Power Plant Feminised White Ice Feminised Northern Lights Feminised White Widow Feminised Purple Haze Feminised White Gold Feminised Female Mix Feminised Auto Skunk #1 Feminised Auto Super Skunk Feminised
Auto White Widow Feminised Auto Snow Ryder Feminised Auto Northern Lights Feminised Auto White Diesel Haze Feminised Auto White Haze Feminised Auto Pure Power Plant Feminised Hindu Kush Auto Feminised Hindu Kush Feminised Black Domina Feminised Hindu Kush Regular Auto Blue Cush Fast Feminised Auto Deep Blue Feminised Auto Chem Bubbly Feminised Auto Critical Ogre 'Big 'N Fast' Feminised Seedsman CBD Hash Plant Feminised C99 x Blueberry FAST Feminised Big Nugs FAST Feminised Jack Herer FAST Feminised Power Africa FAST Feminised White Widow FAST Feminised Original Skunk #1 FAST Feminised Power Africa x MK Ultra FAST Feminised Stress Killer Auto Fast Eddy Auto Royal Cookies Feminised Royal Domina Feminised Blue Cheese Auto Royal Gorilla Feminised Acid Dough Feminised Black Valley Feminised Criminal Feminised Double Glock Feminised Fuel OG Feminised Grapegum Feminised Old School Feminised Ripper Badazz Feminised Ripper Haze Feminised Sour Ripper Feminised Toxic Feminised Washing Machine Feminised Zombie Kush Feminised Bass Line Regular Tutankhamon Feminised Anesthesia Feminised Amnesia Gold Feminised Alpujarrena Feminised Fresh Candy Feminised Shark Feminised Kryptonite Feminised American Pie Feminised Wembley Feminised White Widow Feminised Galaxy Feminised Blue Pyramid Feminised New York City Feminised Anubis Feminised Lennon Feminised Super Hash Feminised Nefertiti Feminised Super OG Kush Feminised Northern Lights Feminised Auto Purple Feminised Auto Anesthesia Feminised Auto Tutankhamon Feminised Auto Wembley Feminised Auto Galaxy Feminised Auto Northern Lights Feminised Auto Shark Feminised Auto Nefertiti Feminised Auto Lennon Feminised Auto White Widow Feminised Auto Super Hash Feminised Auto New York City Feminised Auto Anubis Feminised Auto Blue Pyramid Feminised Auto Alpujarrena Feminised Auto Kryptonite Feminised Auto Fresh Candy Feminised Auto American Pie Feminised Auto Amnesia Gold Feminised Auto Super OG Kush Feminised Caramel Ice CBD Feminised Jack Diesel CBD Feminised Critical 47 CBD Feminised Lemon OG Candy Feminised Cheesy Auto CBD Feminised Lemon Auto CBD Feminised Sleepy Yoda Auto Feminised Dutch Kush Feminised Alice Feminised Edy Feminised First Lady Feminised Her Majesty Feminised Lilly Feminised Queen Mother Feminised Upstream Feminised Alice Regular Edy Regular Her Majesty Regular Queen Mother Regular