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Growbox G-kit Bonanza mini zebrano (0,35m2)

Growbox G-kit Bonanza mini zebrano (0,35m2)


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This mini grow cabinet with its 0,35m2 net. surface is the perfect cabinet to work with smaller lighting sytems up to 250 Watt. The design fits in any interior. That makes it possible to grow your favorite plants in any un-used corner of your house.


Mini grow cabinet

Size (h x w x d):176 x 61 x 61 cm
Net. surface:~0,35m2.
Material: aluminium profiles, plastick connectors and moist- and fire resistant MDF panels.
Material panels: Outside laminate Zebrano print. Inner side laminate white print.
Including: 1 G-Tools Bonanza air in-let which let the air in but not the light, anchorage points for fan, filter and lighting.
Air in: 2 x round hole ø70mm, including air vents.
Air out: 2 x round hole ø125mm, including G-tools air inlet.

Maybe you've already got grow equipment or maybe you got your own specific ideas of what the perfect grow box should look like. LED light, HPS, tube light, whatever. We offer our grow cabinets plain casco to give you the opportunity to work with a sturdy and indestructable G-tools cabinet, and still design the technical interior according to your own liking.

If you need any advise on lighting, ventilation or irrigation system to use, please send us an email and we'll be happy to advise you.


The Bonanza mini grow cabinet comes with an ingenious air in-let system, which lets the air in, but prevents the light from getting out. The G-tools air in-lets breath their air in through the bottom back panel of the cabinet.

Aluminium U-profiles are supplied to mount carbon filter, reflector, etc to the ceiling of the cabinet. The ceiling has a round hole (125mm) with an air vent for fixing the air extractor fan.

There are special hight extension sets (XL-sets) available for these cabinets. This allows you to grow larger plants in the box or work with larger model reflectors. All technical and mounting material you'll find in our webshop. For maximum security these cabinets can be fitted with locks.


Also our empty grow cabinets are extremely safe. Our grow boxes do not have any inflammable materials inside. The MDF panels are fire resistant and do not contain any hazardous substances which can be released at higher temperatures.


The mini grow cabinet is packed in two cardboard boxes. One flat box for the panels and one box for the aluminium profiles and connectors. To avoid transport damages we transport the cabinet on a mini pallet. Anywhere in Europe for only €85,- (within NL €30,-)


The mini grow box is supplied with a simple manual and can be set within half an hour. No tools required.

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