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Nitrous Cracker Pakket (CannaPower)

Nitrous Cracker Pack (Laughing Gas)


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The Nitrous Cracker is a dispenser for N2O Nitrous Oxide. It opens a whipped cream cartridges easily and the N2O gas escapes right away. The dispenser is of high quality aluminum and lasts much longer.


This package contains:

  • 1 Nitrous Cracker
  • 8 whipped cream cartridges
  • 8 Balloons


  • Open the cracker and place the whipped cream cartridges in the cracker.
  • Close the cracker almost until you feel resistance.
  • Place the balloon over the top of the cracker (where the holes are).
  • Close the cracker completely and then turn a quarter the other way, to let the gas in the balloon.

Please note that the gas from the balloon is very cold.


Whipped cream cartridges are intended for use in a cream device. N2O cracker is used for experiments and does not guarantee your safety. Its use is entirely at your own risk.

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