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In addition to our extensive collection of feminized seeds, Lighthouse also offers many strains of regular cannabis seeds. These regular seeds offer stable, pure and very strong genetics and are perfect for growing clones, producing seeds or simply to obtain a nice yield of cannabis. Even though nowadays almost all varieties are available as female seeds, many older, legendary genetics like the original Dame Blanche, Granddaddy Purple and some varieties from Amsterdam are only available in regular form. Lighthouse strives to collect all of those genetics in order to make them available to growers around the world.

As the name already implies, regular cannabis seeds are the seeds that a cannabis plant naturally produces without any human interference. Regular cannabis seeds sprout both male and female plants. This means that when growing these seeds, approximately 50% will turn out to be male, while the other 50% will be female.

In many situations, this is not an issue. The grower can easily spot male plants and eliminate them before they start pollinating the female plants. In some situations, when you’re growing guerrilla-style or large quantities of plants, male plants can be more of a problem.

Regular seeds are perfect for the production of cannabis seeds or clones. While female plants produce marijuana, male plants will produce pollen in order to pollinate female plants. A pollinated female plant produces seeds instead of weed.

When reproducing your marijuana genetics, you want to be looking for the most stable genetics you can find, while working with a strain that is worth growing in terms of cannabinoids, terpenes and so-called “bag appeal”. Even though most feminized seeds are not genetically modified, they often do not provide the genetic pureness that many regular strains do, and are therefore not ideal for the production of seeds.

If you are simply looking for some seeds to grow marijuana, you might be more interested in feminized seeds. Feminized seeds are perfect for growers whose goal is to harvest the biggest yields possible.

You read that right. As long as you have one male and one female marijuana plant, you can crossbreed them in order to create your own genetics! While it takes a lot of time, work and patience to produce stable genetics, it’s very easy to create your own strain and provide yourself and your friends with some brand new seeds!


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